Exacqvision rocks!

Ok, so lets talk about how to get the most out of an IP based camera system. One word: Exacqvision. Before we talk about that, I need to identify the pitfalls of implementing a new IP camera system. The big one is compatibility. It’s a fact, the CCTV industry doesn’t play well together. If you buy a Samsung NVR (Network Video Recorder), you really should buy Samsung IP cameras. That will guarantee 100% compatibility. However, if you try to put a brand “ABC” camera on a brand “XYZ” NVR, you will have problems to some degree. At best you will be able to see and record video, but you will not get any of the higher functions of the camera (like motion detection).   At worst, the camera will not connect at all.

The ONVIF standard will help this situation in the future but as I detailed in a previous article on ONVIF, it is hit or miss right now. There are a few “partnerships” that have developed between a couple of the major manufacturers, but even that may not be 100% function compatible. The answer is simple: Exacqvision!

Exacqvision has developed robust, stable, and easy to use, software (Windows or Linux) that is compatible with at the time of this writing, over 3000 different cameras.   So if you like Samsung cameras for outside use, Panasonic cameras for indoor use and Axis for other applications, no problem. They will all work. You buy a license from a certified dealer (like us!) for each and every camera you want on your system. You own this license forever. The license is tied to the MAC address of the server. If you purchase just the software and put it on your own server or computer, it includes one year of software updates.   Updates include new features and more importantly, drivers for the latest camera models. If you buy an Exacq server from a certified dealer (like us!), you get 3 years of software updates. This is a good deal and I really like the Exacq servers.

Users of Exacqvision love it. Not just because of the compatibility thing, but because it is easy to use. Most people that are somewhat computer literate, can sit down and after about 20 minutes, have a good understanding of how to do basic setup, viewing and playback functions. It is fun! On top of that, expanding your system is as easy as it gets. You have 6 licenses now and want to add four more. We email you a new license key. Import that and you are ready to add more cameras. Exacq is ideal for systems with as few as four, or for systems with 1000’s of cameras. The scalability is incredible.

Unfortunately, Exacq won’t allow us to list products and prices. Just give us a call (407 447-1637) and we can walk you through model numbers, features, prices and other factors associated with your new system.   We love this stuff!

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Author: dlwyatt1

dlwyatt1 is a 35 year industry professional with a degree in low voltage systems engineering. He has designed multi-million dollar projects for fortune 100 companies and founded Pro Security Warehouse and Integrated Security Solutions 20 years ago.

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